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What is missing for Nori production in the EU?

Chair: Pi Nyvall Collen

Nori, primarily crafted from dried Pyropia seaweed in Asia, holds crucial significance for Europe owing to its multifaceted utility in food as in sushi, medicine, and environmental sustainability. Traditionally associated with Asian countries, nori cultivation has recently piqued interest in Europe due to its potential to offer a range of benefits. Research into comparable algae species that can be cultivated in Europe should be prioritized to bolster their production and tap into this valuable resource.

The potential for nori-like cultivation in Europe underscores the importance of exploring and developing alternative food sources. While ambitious, replicating the cultivation process of nori in European waters holds promise for diversifying food production and reducing pressure on traditional agricultural systems.


1. Highlight the significance of nori as a value-added seaweed product in Europe.

2. Introduce potential European seaweed varieties with the potential to emulate nori, offering viable alternatives for cultivation.

3. Assess the challenges and bottlenecks associated with various nori-like seaweeds for production in the European context..

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