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Time to Start-up with algae!

Chair: Vítor Verdelho

Algae-based startups are driving innovation across industries, from low-tech spirulina production to advanced biotechnology applications. These ventures offer sustainable solutions to global challenges, through initiatives like spirulina cultivation, startups are addressing malnutrition in resource-constrained regions, while advancements in algae-based polymers contribute to reducing plastic waste. Additionally, startups in the nutraceutical sector are tapping into algae's health benefits to develop supplements and functional foods, catering to growing consumer demand for natural and sustainable products.

Beyond their direct contributions, algae-based startups serve as catalysts for interdisciplinary collaboration and technological advancement. By promoting circular economy principles and resource efficiency, these startups are driving the transition towards a more sustainable future. With their innovative approaches and commitment to environmental stewardship, algae-based startups are poised to make a significant impact on society and the planet.


1. Algae start-ups, though diverse, share common sustainability characteristics.

2. The top five venture capital firms that have been investing in algae companies will outline their motivations and goals.

3. A selected group of algae companies, seeking or securing new investments, will pitch their ventures, featured on EABA's social media channels.

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