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The role of lab-scale algae production

The role of lab-scale algae production systems is a highly relevant topic within the algae biomass sector. Small-scale photobioreactors have an important function in both research and inoculum production for large-scale systems, as well as the potential for commercial production of specialty compounds from algae. There is a wide variety of small-scale photobioreactors available, each with different characteristics that allow for the production of nearly any type of algae. While most of these technologies are primarily used for microalgae, some can be utilized to some extent for macroalgae cultivation as well. The role of lab-scale systems is critical in the optimization processes and in the early stages of learning how to cultivate algae.

We would like to increase the collaboration in this field and promoting positive exchanges between the players and stakeholders. The webinar programme will include a list of participants, the list of the companies currently working in the sector and the information about the key papers on the subject. 

The webinar is a 60 minute webinar with 5 x 10 min presentations + 10 min debate and Q&A.

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