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Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

Seagriculture 2024 USA - 3rd International Seaweed Conference USA

Alaska's suitability for seaweed cultivation lies in its clean, cold, and nutrient-rich coastal waters, along with long daylight hours during the summer, making it an ideal environment for seaweed growth. Additionally, its low population density and expertise in aquaculture further position Alaska as a promising player in the emerging seaweed industry.

Seagriculture USA 2024 gathers top speakers, who will share their know-how within seaweed for feed, food, offshore cultivation, biorefinery of seaweed, and much more. 

Alaska is home to some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the world. It is worth a visit for its stunning natural beauty, offering majestic landscapes including glaciers, mountains, and pristine wilderness. Alaska also provides opportunities for wildlife viewing, outdoor adventures like hiking and fishing, and a chance to experience unique indigenous cultures and history. Alaskans are known for their friendliness and hospitality. You'll find welcoming communities and a strong sense of local pride. Visiting Alaska can be an adventure of a lifetime, offering experiences and memories that will stay with you forever, whether you're exploring its wilderness, meeting its wildlife, or gazing at the awe-inspiring landscapes.

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