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13:50 - 15:15

Labelling EU algae products, a must for consumers

Chair: Silvio Mangini 

Labeling EU algae products is imperative for consumers to make informed choices about their purchases. Clear and accurate labeling provides essential information regarding the origin, composition, and potential health risks associated with algae-based products. Consumers have the right to know whether the algae products they are purchasing are sourced sustainably, processed safely, and free from contaminants.

Effective labeling ensures transparency in the supply chain, enabling consumers to verify the authenticity and quality of algae products. This includes information about cultivation methods, processing techniques, and any additives or preservatives used in the production process. By providing detailed labeling, consumers can make choices that align with their dietary preferences, health concerns, and environmental values.

Labeling EU algae products facilitates traceability and accountability throughout the supply chain, encouraging responsible practices among producers and distributors. Clear labeling also empowers consumers to support ethical and sustainable businesses that prioritize environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

EU algae products’ labbeling is essential for consumer confidence, product transparency, and environmental sustainability. By ensuring clear and accurate labeling, policymakers can empower consumers to make informed choices that promote their health, support sustainable practices, and drive positive change in the algae industry.


1. Outline the existing EU regulations governing labeling in the algae sector.

2. Emphasize the critical role of labeling in safeguarding consumer interests.

3. Contrast labeling requirements between the EU and other global regions.

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June 6

Labelling EU algae products, a must for consumers


Silvio Mangini


Welcome and opening by EABA

Carlos Unamunzaga, President EABA


Legal aspects of labelling: comparative regulatory landscape EU/global

Dr. Beatrice Arnese, Trento University - Faculty of Law (Italy)


Algae products in EU: novel food (or not) - challenges and opportunities

Hans Verhagen, FSN Consultancy (Netherlands)


Food supplements labelling: do's and don'ts

Dr. Chiara Baccellini, Linneus (Italy)


Cosmetics labels: consumer information and nomenclature

Frederik Eberth, MSc Pharmacy, Mersilconsult (Denmark)


Claims testing and labelling

Maria Daglia, Naples University (Italy)



Silvio Mangini, speakers and all participants


End of webinar

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