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13:50 - 16:15

EABA Member´s Day

Chair: Carlos Unamunzaga

The EABA Members' Day serves as a pivotal event for the European Algae Biomass Association (EABA), fostering collaboration, transparency, and collective decision-making among its members. This annual gathering provides a platform for the President, Vice-Presidents, Executive Manager, and the entire team to showcase their accomplishments, initiatives, and future plans to the association's members. Through presentations, reports, and interactive sessions, attendees gain insights into the progress made by the association and its strategic direction.

Moreover, the EABA Members' Day facilitates open dialogue and engagement by incorporating polls and discussions to solicit feedback and input from members. This inclusive approach allows members to voice their opinions, share ideas, and contribute to shaping the association's objectives and priorities. By fostering a culture of participation and collaboration, the EABA strengthens its collective capacity to address challenges, seize opportunities, and drive innovation in the algae biomass sector.

Ultimately, the EABA Members' Day reinforces the sense of community and shared purpose among its members, reaffirming their commitment to advancing the algae biomass industry in Europe. Through dialogue, collaboration, and collective action, the association and its members continue to work towards realizing the full potential of algae as a sustainable resource for a diverse range of applications, from food and feed to biofuels and beyond.


1. Members' Day offers an in-depth overview of EABA activities, extending beyond the annual December assembly.

2. Engage in an open discussion, seeking input from members to tailor future activities.

3. Utilize polls to gauge quantitative opinions on strategic options and gather valuable insights.

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